About Us

HappyFaces, as the name suggests, is all about putting smile on faces of lives we touch through our work. HappyFaces is a boutique advisory and consulting firm whose philosophy goes beyond delivering a promise of enabling business growth.

At HappyFaces, we believe in investing into fruitful relationships that recognizes talent and passion in order to create superior value for the stakeholders. HappyFaces is the brainchild of Ms. Vidya Rao, a banker with over 25 years of experience in key account management, investment banking and events.

HappyFaces started its operation in the year 2012 out of Mumbai, when Ms. Rao decided to venture out on her own, while following her heart and passion towards Sport, Education ,Entertainment and CSR. HappyFaces also offers a gamut of consulting services in go-to-market strategies, brand positioning, and content & communication strategies which includes digital marketing and PR services.